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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Create/Start a Team

Use this page to set up your Bike Jam team, or see who is already registered (then call those slacker team members!). Once your information is submitted, it will become available in the team selection dropdown on the registration page.

Before requesting a new team, please check the list to the right to be sure that your team isn’t already setup! Team riders enjoy not only the camaraderie of riding with friends, but they receive a discounted registration fee! So gather your friends and support a great cause!

Get Custom Team Jerseys with Your Team Logo!

For the first time ever, teams of 15 or more riders that order jerseys during registration can order custom Bike Jam team jerseys with the team or company logo on the back!  Custom jersey orders must be received by June 1st deadline so they can be printed and delivered in time for the Bike Jam, so setup your team, and share it on Facebook or twitter to get your riders registered in time to participate in this special offer!



Team Requirements & Benefits:

  • Minimum of 15 riders required to form a team
  • Each team rider needs to fully complete online registration, and select the correct team in the online registration form
  • CUSTOM TEAM JERSEYS will be available this year for teams with 15 or more riders that order a jersey during registration.  Place your custom team logo on the back of the race jersey for the full team experience!  All team riders must be registered by June 1 to have the custom jerseys ordered in time for the event.
  • Encourage team members to share the news that they are participating (we have a facebook page!) and make it easy for friends and family to give their support – it’s fast, easy and secure to donate to the Foundation or participate in the JAMboree or volunteer for the event!
  • Have a good time while building team spirit!


Team Request / Signup

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Current Teams & Riders


S. Temple, J. Temple,


A. McKenney, S. Seewald, J. McKenney,

APEX Chiropractic

F. Serrano, S. Kurth,

Butterfly Pavilion

Cator, Ruma & Associates. Co.

City & County of Broomfield

Community Financial Credit Union

E. Paul, L. Herman, c. bur, A. Casali, C. Basil, E. Moran, M. Paul,


W. Sietsema, B. Sietsema, J. Lopeman, D. Sietsema, S. Fowler, J. Maltos,

Davis Partnership

A. Pulford, A. Kraemer, A. Adams, T. Adams, P. Garland, H. van Swaay, T. Du Mond,


A. Carter, J. Beckman , K. Gersman, M. Holley, B. Holley, D. Rutherford, B. Shear, T. Baker, T. Bickford, G. Bickford, R. Bickford, E. Bickford, T. Kennedy, E. Jobes,

Glory of God Riders

J. Schmelzel, D. Gilmore, N. Gilmore, J. Ness, J. Bienzle, G. Pierce, J. Cardin, T. Bryson, M. Hornecker, L. Sutherland, B. Nash,

Good Samaritan Employees

S. Bolliger, C. Tjarks, J. Canales, D. Baca DeGarie, P. Mutak, A. Baca DeGarie, B. Piasecki44, t. test, R. Lange, T. Fahleson, W. Her, S. Coppom, J. Ammon, K. Fry, S. Mydler, S. Kerschen, T. Mydler, N. Garza, C. Ortler, M. Heinritz, M. Doody, K. Bergstrom, E. Amick, J. Amick, O. Peller, B. Peller, S. Jacobson, J. Crownover,

Good Samaritan Friends & Family

Great Western Bank

D. Ramos-Halvorson, M. Ramos-Halvorson,

Hanger Clinic

J. Retallack, G. Retallack, D. Sasso, M. Witt, M. Urrutia, K. Sherk, V. Sherk, W. Lister, K. Casebere, C. Murphy, J. McAllaster, C. Johnson-Sasso, C. Conner, D. Brandt, R. French, C. O\\\'Connor, T. O\\\'Connor, R. Zimmerman, W. Zimmerman, C. Helton, K. Helton, P. Hertzler, N. Uhler, D. Johnson, R. Johnson,

Key Bank

M. Whitmer,

Lafayette Fire Department

A. Shockey, M. Sprague, A. Walter,

Left Hand Brewing Company

J. Goldberg, J. Breckel, B. Donohue, E. Wallace, L. Schwartz, D. Joyce, D. Coombs,


Louisville Fire Department

C. Underwood, A. Melendez, C. Choi, D. Rapp, J. Fearnow,

Meadow Gold Dairy

Mortar and Pedal

N. Graczyk, k. evans, J. LITTLEJOHN, B. LITTLEJOHN, J. Lynn, D. Malcolm, T. Malcolm, K. Kolodzik, E. Kolodzik, N. Kolodzik, A. Kolodzik, T. Kolodzik, C. davis, A. Hebert, D. Graczyk, T. Graczyk, G. Heaton ,

Mortenson Construction

S. Chambers, W. Dandino, A. Churlik, M. Gray, D. Kiesel, K. Medina, W. Peterman, D. Towl, J. Lindsay,


J. Salimbeni, R. Bindseil,


C. Chen, R. KWON, o. chen, s. zhang, O. Rodriguez, C. Rajasekaran, J. Kaan, R. Bever, C. Corey, A. Stevenson, J. Grove, B. McKean, M. Hsueh, J. Yang, N. Bouchet, K. Kidney, M. Dayan, B. Chan,

NexGen Storage

J. Faria, K. Prashanth, D. Blondin, e. scroger, J. Spiers, P. Benner,

Post Brewing Company


M. Fleishman, d. isham, n. kirkweg, K. Bulman, R. Bulman, N. Bulman, L. Bulman, T. Paschal, L. Paschal, B. Paschal, L. Paschal,

Saunders Construction

S. Shapiro, J. Anker, L. Forbes, A. Cleveland, K. Hegarty, K. Powell, t. Swarts, P. Hause, M. Boyd, D. Mashburn, C. Davis, J. Beeble, J. Ubele, J. MacKinnon, K. Muller, L. Diaz, G. Mendez, S. Slimak, J. Beeble, A. Schear,

Shock Delivered – Team Emergency Services

J. GORHAM , C. Grady, D. Betka, A. Thorpe, L. O\\\'Neal, J. Armstrong, S. Alvarado, I. Kang, P. Rinaldi, S. Howse, J. Young, B. Calvert, s. gillette, M. Ferdinand, C. Flentie, M. Seitenbach, K. Kilstrom, D. Kilstrom, P. Bushard,

Team BNA

C. Zakar, S. Emerson, D. McManus, J. Louis, D. Matthews, M. Matthews, R. Ratterman, P. Ratterman, B. Journey, J. Bruno, A. Villavicencio, k. cherniss, D. Rohatch, N. Riantong, E. Lachowyn, D. Robertson, S. Rajpal, E. Freiberg, J. Heddles, J. Brock, R. Fraga, m. mcceney,

Vista Ridge Chain Gang

T. Ventker, C. Hoskins, s. bradford, A. Slabbekoorn,


D. Baumann, G. Clark, J. Trester, C. Mochizuki, S. Williams, E. Forth, S. Doud, J. Baldauf , C. Lee, K. Gorski, J. Paschke, J. Stanwyck, I. Oraweme, t. fitzgerald, s. fitzgerald, M. Kraft, D. Bolton,

Team Challenge/Awards

Use the power of teamwork to win more than that "good deed" feeling....you walk away a winner either way!

Compete for one of the following trophies!

  • Highest average miles (average)
  • Highest total team miles (cumulative)
  • Total overall participants (riders + volunteers)

Individual Awards

In addition to the team awards, individual riders can also compete to win! Prizes include trophy at the award ceremony, as well as prizes and merchandise from Giant

  • King of the Mountain
  • Queen of the Mountain

Bike Jam Winner
Bike Jam Winner